TRES (Blanco)

White wines are notoriously difficult to find in the Ribeira Sacra, which is planted approximately 90% to red grapes, so they are especially sought after.

In 2015, a 100% Godello varietal wine was made from a single parcel in Amandi. It is just around the downriver bend from the Mission Uno parcel. The soil is granitic, allowing for a clean transmission of flavors which is evident in this wine, which balances primary fruit characteristics with secondary aromas from lees and barrel-fermentation yet is underpinned by plenty of natural acidity.

A plurivarietal blend was created in 2016, consisting of Godello, Albariño, Treixadura, Loureira, and Doña Branca. The grapes originate from two closely located parcels on the Miño side of the Ribeira Sacra, with slate schist soils. The Albariño makes up a relatively small portion of the blend, but it imparts plenty of aromatics and acidity.

Clusters are crushed, destemmed and left to macerate for a day before pressing. Fermentation takes place in barrel before a further 8 months of aging. Mission Blanco has fresh fruit characteristics complemented by bright acidity that has allowed it to age and develop increasingly complex aromas.

The flower displayed on the label is the mythic Semper Augustus. Much more detail is included about each vintage in the Tech Notes below:

Blanco 2015 Technical Note

Tres (Blanco) 2016 Technical Note