Mission wines are of seriously limited quantities and tread the fine artisanal line between homemade and professional.

The wines are unadulterated by chemicals (aside from a pinch of sulfur) and hand made through every step of the vinification - from picking in 18kg cases to being trodden under foot for the initial crush, gentle manual punch downs, and gentle pressings. The wines receive only minimal cooling at the peak of fermentation, if at all. They are all aged in neutral French oak barrels for as long as they need, with racking kept at a minimum and no use of filters. As a result the wines may be a shade cloudy, like unfiltered craft ale as opposed to squeaky-clean Budweiser.

A luddite I may be, but it is not without reason. Because although industrialization has undoubtedly improved the quality of mass produced wines worldwide, fine wines have not been improved by technology. And so I adhere to the old ways.

My mission to make wine started as a cellar rat in Keermont Vineyards in Stellenbosch, South Africa at which I learned of the finesse required to make natural wines of exceptional quality. I thereafter crossed the South Atlantic to Mendoza, Argentina to sharpen my conventional winemaking skills. The Ribeira Sacra of Galicia is where I have settled to make my wines, a region of outstanding potential and truly unique terroir. Click here to see some photos.


For any further information, please get in touch: zak@mission.wine


Photo credits: Andrew Whiting